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Leave the Ordinary,

Show Your Extraordinary

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Our Clients

What Kaleidoscope Photography does for you is tailor your entire experience because peop

le are not cookie cutter. You are a kaleidoscope of color and light-- captivating and unique, and our job as artists is to capture the moments that reflect just how extraordinary you are. 

We believe that the pictures worth taking are pictures worth seeing every day. Whether we are creating wall art or an album of your family or from your wedding, we know that what we create with you will become a timeless treasure.

Let our clients speak for us!


Thank you for you interest in choosing us to photograph and document your vision. If you wish to find out more please click here. To Inquire, please fill out this form and Leo or Sara will reach out to you. We believe in order to truly make your experience, it is best to find out more about each other either via phone call or in person.

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