Stunning Artwork Tailored To You,

To relive your favorite moments

Most couples worry that their photographs will be inauthentic, boring, and do  more for documenting a wedding rather capturing the love story that sparked it all.
When you choose Kaleidoscope Photography our process of understanding your true values ensures that we will create artistic photographs and capture the unforgettable candid moments that matter to you. Your photos will not only be magical, but withstand the test of time. 
Our intentional learning process with you allows for you to slow down, breathe, and embrace each precious moment with the confidence of knowing it is captured perfectly

We dedicate ourselves to no more than 2o Weddings a year

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Kaleidoscope Photography wanted to do more for our couples. Because we don't just care about the couples we photograph, but we wanted to help make ALL soon to be brides and grooms.


So we created community designed to take out the stress from planning your dream wedding! We have amazing resources and work with wedding vendors to exclusively help our couples ❤️

Feel free to invite and post! 😊 You are safe to post any questions, support other couples, and stop by and say hello! Click the button below to check it out!

Our photography style is deeply rooted in photojournalism to fully capture emotions and personality throughout your wedding with an artistic flair. We are based in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ. We also capture love stories in San Diego, CA. However, we are no stranger to travel, as we go far and wide to for our engagement sessions! We travel nationally and internationally to record our clients as they embark on the next chapter of their lives!

Artistic Flair creating Stunning Possibilities

Let our clients speak for us!

So, you are planning your dream wedding to mark the next chapter of your lives together.

Imagine your friends and family gathering together for your ceremony as you embark on your new life together? There will be laughter, smiles, tears, and moments you will never want to forget. You all know that your love story is extraordinary, but how can you document that?

A wedding photographer may help you relive your favorite moments. However, what if I told you we do so much more than take your photos? We create artwork that portrays more than just your wedding, but all the reasons behind why you chose each other in the first place! 

Being a professional photographer is much more to us than cameras and fancy gear. We consider ourselves storytellers, but what does that mean for you? Documenting your wedding day is about cultivating moments and transforming memories tailored to you. We believe that your photos should not only capture your love story but help you fall more in love, every time you see them. 


What makes us different from most phoenix wedding photographers is we capture your wedding with intention. Our clients want photos that are more than proof that they had a wedding, instead, heirlooms that symbolizes why you wanted to get married in the first place.

Your artwork is a genuine reflection of you because we learn about your dream wedding and, more importantly, the life you plan to create together after!

My name is Leo, and my beautiful wife Sara and I created Kaleidoscope Photography for brides and grooms who want more than just wedding photography. Our couples want photos that are stunning and impactful! Through emotion, creativity, and artistry, your photographs will be show-stopping pieces of art that you'll appreciate and love to look at time and time again.

Why we take a limited our weddings annually

We narrow the number of weddings we commit to so that we can truly dedicate ourselves to our couples. When you are in front of the camera we want you to have a lot of fun, reveal your emotions, and feel comfortable.


The process is straight forward and painless. If you are ready to explore the possibilities for your dream wedding or elopement, the first thing is to send us a connect with us. If social media is your thing then you can DM us on instagram or send us a message on facebook messenger (Hey it's 2020, we got you ;)

Then we learn about what you are imaging for your wedding day, and as we learn and understand what you value,  we utilize our experience to capture your wedding in your very own style.


If you would like to check out the process click below to start.

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