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Our Story

Hello, my name is Leo. I am proudly the founder and lead-photographer of Kaleidoscope Photography.  I am currently sitting by a window in the afternoon with a fresh cup of cold brew coffee. More importantly, I am ready to let you know what makes us different from other photographers. 

I would love to start with what every.single.client has said about us; we are very passionate about artistically showing your very own authentic love story. From the very start, Sara (My ever so lovely wife) and I will learn all about you and your fiance, and from then on, we are with you every step of your journey because no two weddings are the same. By learning about you and what you love, we can truly tailor your experience and your photos to what you are dreaming of for your wedding. 

As your photographers, we also help create moments and truly bring out emotions. Once we learn what photos are important to you, we develop ideas to make that moment emotional and perfect to your vision.

I also can use any scene to bring out all the beauty that the view offers. By mastering light and using our expertise to capture moments, you are guaranteed photos that you will be excited to re-live over and over again!

By now, you may be able to tell I am very passionate about photography. Still, I am also enthusiastic about the experience as well! Fun energy is something I love to bring to every wedding!