Hello there!


I’m Leo, your photographer and contrary to popular belief, I do not have stunning photos or artwork from my own wedding.

What the hell, right?


I met the love of my life, Sara when I was eighteen years old. We were high school sweethearts and the definition of “young and dumb" teenagers who got engaged super young! 


Like you, we had a lot of dreams for our wedding. We had so many ideas and personal touches that we wanted to incorporate to really make the day our own. 


The problem? 


We kept putting our wedding off! Between school, college, work, changing majors, internships, and starting a career wedding planning was overwhelming! On December 30th, 2016  we decided we couldn’t stand another year not getting married and went to the court and eloped! 


Do you want to know how our big day was captured? 


With a low quality video taken off of an iphone and maybe like, two to three photos taken at a bad angle by family and friends!


On anniversaries we don’t get to go through heartfelt moments of what it felt like rushing to get ready. We don’t get to see the expressions on our faces as we said our vows. We don’t get to look at pictures from one of the best days of our lives! 


When I discovered my passion for photography I also discovered my love of storytelling. 


You see, I’m the kind of sap that thinks that a good love story is a work of art and it deserves to be captured as such. 


Fast forward to present day and while Sara and I are so happy to be married we wish that we didn’t settle and had our wedding the way we wanted and most importantly-- had photographs that captured our excitement, our joy, and our authentic love story. 


Kaleidoscope Photography is built on a promise that you will be able to slow down, breathe, and embrace each precious moment of your wedding day! We want you to enjoy your wedding day with the confidence of having passionate photographers who will capture your love story with intention and deliver stunning, authentic, and emotional photographs to treasure for the rest of your lives!

With this peace of mind we want you to be able to come down from the blur and buzz of your wedding day, grab your partner’s hand, and say “That was the best day of our life!” 

Meet The Team
Leo W
Lead Photographer, Professional StoryTeller,  and personal hype man


A little fun fact is that before I was a photographer I was in the medical field and assisted in surgeries. I am a strong believer that the sky's the limit and am obsessed with learning, meta-learning and finding new ways to improve my craft. 


When I am not documenting love stories I am probably reading a book or coffee shop hopping with my wife and business partner, Sara. I am also a huge animal lover and work hard so my two dogs can live the best spoiled dog life that they can. 


Sara H
Right Hand Woman, Photography Assistant, Second Shooter, Impromptu Wedding Coordinator

I’ve always held a love of stories and the study of the human condition. I graduated from ASU with a Bachelor's degree in English and Secondary Education.


When I am not working I am probably cuddling my two dogs, Mochi and Iggy or finding new ways to jump-scare my husband.


My favorite moment at a wedding isn’t the I do, the first look or even the first kiss. My favorite moment is when our couple look at one another and everything else-- the camera, the crowds, the itinerary and the music all fade away and for a moment you see them get lost in the bliss of their own little world.

Lily P

Photography Assistant, Lighting Assistant, Professional Dancer

Lily has always been an artist. If she isn't with us on a shoot, you can find her dancing or learning something new. As wedding photographers, one guarantee we believe in, rain or shine, is creating amazing photos for our couples and families. 

Lily is there to quickly assemble perfect lighting when needed to ensure you and your guest look their best. She has a passion for helping others and helps everyone on our team stay on tasks. 

You have trust your photographer to calculate the best lighting and angles in a split second

By now, you may be able to tell I am very passionate about photography. Still, I am also enthusiastic about the experience as well! Fun energy is something I love to bring to every wedding!


If you like to see if we are a perfect fit with no obligations, send us a message or call us today.

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