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10 Tips for Every Bride Looking to Say Yes to the Dress

10 Tips for Every Bride Looking to Say Yes to the Dress

1: Set Your Budget

This almost goes without saying--- but is well worth saying! Setting a budget is one of the first steps of wedding planning. Having a clear idea of how much money you want to delegate towards your wedding dress alone will help you have a clear idea of your expectations of what you are going for as well as narrow down the field of endless gorgeous wedding dresses you will have to look through. There are so many and sticking with your budget, helps make the search less overwhelming!

As a side tip: Only try on wedding dresses within your budget. It is a tale tried, true, and tragic when a bride puts on a dress outside of her budget and falls in love with it.It is risky business and may not be worth the headache of reworking your budget and the heartache of having to possibly say no to a dress you want to say yes to!

2: Begin Shopping 9-12 months Ahead If Possible

Your wedding gown is something you’ll only be wearing once and you will want it to fit like a dream. This is why your wedding dress will need to be fitted multiple times and altered accordingly. Wedding gowns are beautiful, delicate, and intricate pieces of artwork and so tailoring them takes time and experts. Alterations can take anywhere up to 12 months to be completed! With this being said, some designers and bridal boutiques offer rush services, but those will naturally come with extra fees that you would have to factor into your budget. Giving yourself plenty of time to dress shop can help you save money and a headache in the long run.

3: Use Social Media to Research Styles and Find Keywords

There are plenty of wedding dress style quizzes that you can use online that can help you hone in on your own personal style. Instagram and Pinterest are excellent platforms for finding dresses and styles that you may like as well as key words to help you hone in on your style. You might notice all of the dresses you favorite are lacy, flowy, and sweetheart. Or maybe you will discover you tend to like tulle and sparkles or sleek, silky, form fitting dresses. Finding the concise and specific words to describe your preferences will help you articulate exactly what you want to your bridal stylist when you set up your appointments later.

4: Book Your Bridal Salon Appointments

This is the fun part! Try to book all of your bridal salon appointments into one day or over one weekend. This ensures that the gowns you try on will stay fresher in your mind when comparing them. If you choose to book them all in one day be careful not to overbook and give yourself plenty of time in between. Keep it light and fun. Plan a lunch or coffee break with your bride tribe between appointments.

5: Choose your Bride Tribe

You will want to do your research in finding out how many guests the bridal salons you are visiting can allow. If they are a smaller boutique, they may only be able to fit in a certain number of guests. Secondly, consider who you absolutely need to be there. Your ride-or-die best friend, your siblings, your bridal party? You may not be able to invite every single person who comes to mind but that may be a good thing! The most important thing to keep in mind is that you surround yourself with people who can be excited, positive, upbeat, and supportive throughout the whole process!

6: Pamper Yourself Beforehand

This is probably one of the most overlooked tips. This added luxury might feel like extra work on what is an already busy day or weekend but imagine feeling your absolute best before you even put your dress on? Ditch the messy bun this one time and get your hair styled or makeup done and maybe even a manicure before your appointment. Trust me. Those little extras will have you strutting into your appointment even more confident and excited and ready to take on the day!

7: Wear the Proper Clothing

If you have multiple appointments make sure you are wearing clothes that you feel confident in (think not the gas station at 11 pm) but also comfy and easy to change in and out of. You will also want to make sure you wear lighter shades of underclothes/garments. Nudes or whites are usually best when trying on gowns that are more sheer or have less coverage.

8: Remember To Factor in Your Wedding Details, Destination and Climate

If you know that your wedding venue will be small and intimate you may want to avoid looking for the poofiest ball gown. If you know that you will be wanting to dance the night away, consider finding a dress that you will be able to move easily in. If you are getting married somewhere hot and temperate, full skirts with lots of heavy fabric may not be the most suitable!

9: Take Pictures

This goes without saying. When having doubts, pictures will show you exactly which bridal gowns you tried on and which bridal gowns you lit up in. They are especially useful when you need time to mull it over between or after bridal salon appointments or as a resource for helping you fine tune your search for the next round.

10: Keep an Open Mind

Oftentimes brides will walk in with one vision for their wedding dress and then end up falling in love with a gown that is totally different from what they imagined! That is totally okay! You don’t have to follow any sort of rules or guidelines besides what makes you look and feel your happiest! Trust your gut and be open to new experiences, new insights, and new gown!

Don’t be afraid to say yes when you know in your heart that you have found the one! With so many decisions and options it can be easy to fall into the trap of overthinking. Take a moment, breathe, smile, and give a little twirl. If you can’t picture yourself in anything else--- and don’t want to, you know you have found the right one!

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