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Soon-To-Be-Brides, Please Don't Forget These 3 Items to Bring to Your Engagement Photo Session

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Bridal portraits (or any portraits for that matter) Can be so fun and captivating. As wedding photographers, our brides and grooms always look forward to their artwork, especially when it comes to portraiture. The only situation that may make your world a little awkward is when you look at your nails, and you forgot your manicure.

At this point, maybe you may be wondering if you can skip the close-ups, or if perhaps in your car, you might have extra nail polish. Either way, I wanted to give a quick list of three things that may be easy to overlook for your wedding portraits or any portraits for that matter!

1. Shoes

It will never, ever, hurt anyone if you were to pack an extra pair of shoes that are comfy or help with walking (especially in Arizona).

When we are documenting a wedding out in the desert (like Papago Park), a short hike can seem minuscule when you are wearing the right shoes. To switch back to your heels only takes a minute, and your wedding photographer may very well take advantage and create some enchanting shoe photos at the same time. Depending on your dress, white, nude, and black, all seem to be safer colors for your heels.

2. Manicure

As we talked about earlier, having a manicure can make your hands much more charming for your portraits. I LOVE close up shots for my brides, but if they were to notice the bedding of their nails were dirty, the worry could carry over into their confidence.

By preparing a few days before, your close-ups and ring shots will be filled with confidence when your photos showcase your love story.

3. Change of clothes.

Whether we are photographing an engagement session downtown phoenix or a wedding, it never hurts to have another outfit. It doesn't have to be an entire change, but by adding a throwaway or veil, you can get such a variety of photos.

For your engagement session, a complete dress change to give a whole new look for your photos.

If you are in your wedding dress and it is winter, you can bring something that will keep you toasty as your going to your next spot for photos.

I love talking to our couples beforehand on what to wear. Because it is so easy to overlook any of these items, but I love helping my couples prepare for their photo sessions. Message us today if you have any questions, I'd love to help out!

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