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5 Creative Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Engagement Photos!

5 Things you need to do with your engagement photos

As a photographer I have to say I absolutely LOVE engagement sessions! As you might have gathered from my other blog about why couples should have an engagement session] I strongly believe that all of my couples deserve an engagement session! I love seeing my couple’s reactions to their engagement photos, and even more so, the creative ways they incorporate their images for their wedding day and beyond!

I love seeing my couples get creative in incorporating the engagement photos they love the most for their big day and beyond! Let’s be real, when you love your photos, you will want to use them as much as possible! Here are five creative ways you can get the most out of your engagement photos!

1: Wall Art and Prints

We live in a digital age but there is something inspiring about having printed photos incorporated into decorating your home as reminders of your love, your journey, and the rest that is to come!

As a photographer, I might be a little biased but I believe that life and the moments that matter belong in print! Each photo is a testament of a moment, a love, and a person worth celebrating!

2: Save the Date Cards

Your save the dates are probably the easiest way to share your engagement photos! Your engagement photos are a gorgeous way to personalize your upcoming wedding announcements. They are an absolute treat to receive in the mail, especially for your loved ones or Gran Gran who will smack that on the refrigerator or have it framed before you can even say “Wedding Bells.”

3: Wedding Website

Do you like to play twenty questions? What about when everyone of your friends and family and wedding party all ask you the same twenty questions again and again? Your wedding website is not only an awesome platform to celebrate your engagement but a resource that you can direct everyone to for important wedding details: (your love story, the whens, the wheres, the dress codes, accomodations, wedding registry, etc)

Your engagement photos are an excellent way to add a personal touch and charm to your wedding website that will make your guests want to visit it time and time again (and get a few of those questions answered in the process!)

4: Guest Book

Your guestbook is a fantastic way to document all the special people that took part on your wedding day! Creating a personalized guest book with handpicked engagement photos and plenty of room to write signatures and well wishes not only add to the aesthetic, but also makes for a fun book for guests to flip through on the day of your wedding. Imagine being able to go through this special keepsakes for the weeks and years to come with pictures you love and handwritten messages from the people you love who make your lives all the more special?

*Extra tip: Let your photographer know you are thinking about a guess book, because they will shoot for photos that have specific space for your guests signature!

5:Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to share important updates and moments in our lives as well as invite our loved ones into the journey! Your selfie game may be strong but professional engagement photos will have a certain wow factor that will keep a smile on your face for ages! I guarantee that the only time you'll want to change your profile photo from the engagement session will be when you look over the wedding photos! So go ahead. Do it for the ‘gram and while your at it, come up with your own catchy couple hashtag for the day of the wedding so that you can see all the photos and selfie game your guests share of their experience during your wedding!

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