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Finding The Perfect Photographer For Your Family

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

You are ready to have your family documented. You love the idea of having a photo on the wall that represents the connection and love you share with each other! Now comes the next question, which as a photographer I am going to help you answer:

How to find a family photographer that is right for you

There are three main aspects that you need to look for in your photographer, which is their experience, their work, and their reliability. If they lack in either of these categories, your fun session may turn into a dreaded chore. No worries friend, being a Scottsdale family photographer, I am going to walk you through what to look for to ensure your session is going to be a success!

1: Experience

When you first talk to your photographer is when you are going to get a feel if things are going to go smoothly. Are they friendly and supportive, or are they immediately telling you their packages and want to know how much you want to spend? Also, if they are asking you questions, that is a great sign! Some examples like: are they asking about what you want? Are they finding out personalities in your family? What do you want to see in your photos?

The experience during the consultation will carry over into your photo session as well! For example, are they going to be patient with your kids? How they set up the photos (being fun and interacting vs. telling everyone to look at the camera impatiently)

2: Look at their recent photos

Photography is not a "one size fits all" philosophy. Many families do want formal and classic "look at me and smile" photos. On the other hand, Kaleidoscope photography (my photography business), we believe in getting traditional photos and incorporating creativity as well. We create moments that show the story and use details that show the connection with family, which involves candid looks or artistic detail and composition.

If you don't see exactly the style you are looking from a photographer you want to work with, you can always contact them and tell them what you are dreaming of for your gallery. If you don't know where to get your family photos taken, don't worry! As your photographer should know dozens of unique locations to match your family's personalities.

A lot of great family photographers will tailor each session to you.

For example, let's use being a Scottsdale family portrait photographer. Kaleidoscope Photography is known for being artsy and creative. With that said, we may not be the best fit for clients who ONLY want traditional photos. By all means, I love to include traditional imagery ("everyone look at the camera and smile") in the gallery. However, using our lighting and posing, we still add our elegant touches to add depth to these photos.

Kaleidoscope Photography is known for being artsy and creative

And last but not least aspect you want to want to warn you about is the third question you must keep in mind:

3: Reliability

To me, reliability is one of the most overseen and "you don't find out till it's too late" features you need to know up front! Nothing like waiting a year to see your photos finally. Or finding out a few months later, only five photos came out of the two hours you were there. Some great questions to ask are:

"What happens if it rains?" or "what if my kids are sick."

A great family photographer will know what to do in any given situation. There is a lot less stress when you don't have to worry if your children don't feel like having their photos taken on the day of your session.

Another question is to find out if they back up their photos and how long and what format your photos are going to be delivered. If you are wondering what is the best way to store family photos, we believe in an online digital gallery and having your collection backed up into a hard drive.

Make sure you get a completion date on your contract as well. Contract? Yes! A professional should always have a contract to sign not only to protect themselves but you as well!

Summary: How to choose a family photographer

Knowing your photographers' experience, reliability, and their photography, you will receive family photos you are going to cherish forever. You will also enjoy a fun experience for the whole family!

If you have any questions, drop by in the comments or reach out to us anytime!

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