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13 Tips That Will Take Out The Stress From Picking Your Wedding Date

For most couples it is A LOT easier saying yes to spending the rest of your years with the love of your life than it is to say yes to picking a wedding date!

How to pick a wedding date

Why is that?

Picking the wedding date is the first big planning decision you can make as an engaged couple. After all, every other decision you make will revolve around the date you choose so it is no wonder couples can struggle with picking a date that feels right for them!

On the plus side, once you pick your wedding date all of the other pieces of the puzzle will begin to fall into place because you have your goal and can begin making all the details you have been dreaming come to life!

We know that choosing a wedding date can sometimes feel overwhelming! To make it easy, we put together a simple guide of tips from the sentimental to the practical reasons you can use to help pick what will be one of the best days of your life! 

1: A Sentimental Date

A sentimental date can include anything from wanting to share a wedding date with a grandparent to choosing the date that you two first met, began dating, or when you both got engaged. Choosing a date that is meaningful to you will give you all the more reason to celebrate on the day of your wedding to the anniversaries that are to come. 

2: Family and Friend Availability

A wedding is a celebration of love with the people who love and support you the most! Consider what time will work best to you people that are most important to you. Travel ease, pregnancies, and health limitations are important to consider! 

3: Milestone Marker

For couples that would love an easy way to keep track as well as have a date that is sentimental to them, choosing a day that will mark a major milestone together such as 5 or 10 years will make counting your years together all the easier! 

4: Forget-Me-Not 

Whether you have some forgetful family and friends, never want to worry about forgetting your anniversary, or just appreciate a good number sequence a date that makes itself easy to remember is always a nice perk. Examples could be 10/10/20 or 02/01/21

5: Your Favorite Time of the Year

Some couples notice that their love and adventures truly thrive during a certain part of the year. Whether you are a couple that loves to snuggle up to keep warm in the fall or go out and take in all the sunshine of the summer, choosing the time of year that the two of you love best is never a wrong way to go. 

6: Enjoying the Perfect Weather

If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding or reception, having the weather on your side will certainly help things run smoothly on the day of your wedding! For example, you wouldn’t want to choose Monsoon season in Arizona and would hesitate to host an outdoor wedding in Phoenix in the middle of July without proper planning and accommodations. 

7: Honeymoon-Minded

For a lot of couples, the honeymoon is just as important as the wedding itself! You want to embark on your new journey as a married couple and you want to embark right! 

Whether you are planning for a trip to Disneyland in California, the Bahamas, or Iceland picking a date that is the most opportune time to travel will help you get the most out of your honeymoon. 

8: Booking By the Budget

From a practical standpoint you want to choose a date that gives you the most time to make what you can with your wedding budget! If you crunch the numbers and know that you need X amount of time to save Y amount of money before you get hitched you can pick a date that gives you the time and energy to make planning all the easier!

9: Chasing Deals to Chase Dreams

Whether you are wanting to allocate more money to your honeymoon, buying a home, or starting a family, sometimes choosing a date that corresponds to the time of year that is off-season will allow you to get more deals from certain vendors.

10: Taking Advantage of Public Holidays

Planning around a public holiday has many benefits. You can turn your wedding into a 3 day weekend long extravaganza. It can give family and friends an easy date to come and celebrate with you! 

11: Breathing Room for Celebrations

Sometimes there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Maybe you want to spread out important calendar events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and major holidays. Doing this could help you enjoy every time and season without getting overwhelmed. 

12: Work Commitments

They say we work so we can play, right? Depending on your current projects, work schedule, and vacation time you may want to plan your wedding around these commitments to best enjoy your big day. 

For example, for many in the sphere of education (whether you are a student or educator), planning around school breaks or summer vacation makes sense! 

13: Supplier/Vendor Availability

When a vendor or venue is super important to a couple it is not uncommon for them to choose a date that guarantees that they will be able to make their dreams a reality. 

Maybe you have a particular photographer in mind who you know will capture your day perfectly.

Perhaps you want to get married at a venue that is important to your relationship or has been the place you have dreamed about for years! 

*Wedding tip: As soon as you know your date, or have narrowed it down, reach out to your must have vendors ASAP to make sure they have availability and secure the date for yourself! 

While there is no single one-way to choose your wedding date, hopefully these tips give you a little insight into what dates will help you have the wedding of your dreams! 

Whether you somehow hit all of these points or mixed and matched the ones that mattered, be rest assured that the day you pick will be one of the best days of your life! 

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