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Maternity Session in Papago Park with Margie & Hugo

Maternity Session in Papago Park

With its amazing sunsets, desert landscape and city backdrops it comes as no surprise that Papago Park was a perfect location for Margie’s maternity session! Papago Park and Hole in the Rock was an amazing location to celebrate the new baby on the way but also offered a beautiful and meaningful place that this family could return to for years to come!

A summer maternity session can be tough so we made sure to pick an area that would offer a lot of shade and bring a bunch of water! Maternity sessions are a lot of fun but keep in mind that a lot of the time these mammas are sometimes coming into their sessions about ready to pop any second! Luckily the weather was on mom’s side as it offered some much appreciated cloud cover! 

Margie was stunning and had that glow expectant mothers often get! Her glow must have been contagious because dad Hugo and big brother Nikolai gleamed with excitement to welcome in the new little one! Margie was a mom on a mission and even had a little entourage of family members who came wanting to help carry props, waters, and keep her truck’s AC on and ready to go for when we took breaks! Is that not the cutest thing ever? I think every mom deserves a mom-tourage! 

The maternity dress Margie selected for her session was absolutely amazing. It showed off her baby bump and was gorgeous and flowy! We had a lot of fun playing around with it in the Phoenix desert! All Margie had to do was stand around and look pretty! Not pictured is Sara playing around with the dress looking like a puppeteer!

Dad Hugo was a real MVP for this maternity session holding Magie’s hand, helping her traverse the desert landscape, and always ready to crack jokes and bring on the smiles! They say when mamas happy everyone's happy and I am pretty sure Hugo has got that covered! 

Nikolai is a gentle and quiet soul but you could really see the excitement in his eyes at becoming a big brother! This little girl has a whole bunch of people who are already so in love and excited to meet her!

One of our favorite things about maternity is that the origin story of a baby really does begin there before  the baby is even born! Years from now this little girl is going to see these amazing photos of her mom, dad, and big brother. 

She is going to be able to point at the baby bump and think “Wow! I was really in there?!” 

She is going to see how beautiful her mom was who carried her and did everything she could to keep her safe.

She is going to be able to see the excitement in Dad’s eyes and how excited he is to meet her just around the corner.

She is going to be able to see her big brother. She will see him pressing his little ear against mommy’s belly to hear her kicks and whisper secrets to her before she can even understand them!

I mean, is there still any question as to why Sara and I LOVE our maternity sessions? Every amazing story deserves an amazing beginning and we think this baby girl is off to a great start!!!

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