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Mitchel and Anna's engagement session at Papago Park

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

It may not look like it, but Mitchel and Anna have somewhat of an unconventional story from the start.

In the beginning, there was a get together of Mutual friends. As soon as Mitchel found Anna, he promptly ran away. Mitchel thought Anna was stunning, so he ran off to figure out how he could charm such a beauty.

Only, Anna followed Mitchel, and they instantly connected. From then on they would only fall more in love.

Before Anna’s deployment in 2018, They got legally married. However, this is only the beginning of their love story. 

When you get to know Mitchel and Anna, you will recognize their love for each other goes beyond words. 

That is why they are both excited to share their wedding with all the special people in their lives. 

Anna and Mitchel both love “in the moment photos” that show their connection with each other, of course, with a touch of romance. They love nature, and I knew Papago Park would be perfect for their engagement photos.

The hole in the rock trails are filled with amazing engagement photo ideas! More than an engagement photographer, I am a storyteller at heart. I am was so excited to display their love story.

Anna told me one of her favorite moments she shared with Mitchel is an evening Mitchel perked up and asked Anna if she wanted to go for a drive, and they drove for hours through nature. I wanted to create this photo for Anna to have her two favorite loves in her life, Mitchel, and Nature. 

Mitchel Loves Anna’s smile and sees his entire world when he looks into her gaze. (If you ever heard the song “You say it best” you will think these two inspired that song every time these two lock eyes!”

With their wedding around the corner, many can barely wait to their big day where they can celebrate the love they share! 

It is unimaginable how in the beginning Mitchel didn’t know what to do when he saw Anna, because they couldn’t be happier spending the rest of their lives together.

If you wish to see what we can do for your wedding or you know someone who wants stunning imagery, you can see more work on Kaleidoscope Photography’s homepage 😁

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