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Photography Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime to Improve Your Skills

Hello friends, this is Leo with Kaleidoscope photography making a debut for our photography blog post where we love to give practical insight to photographers and those who wish to take great photos. No matter if your photo projects is wedding photography or your kids, you will find photography tips that will take your skills to the next level.

Today you will learn two photography exercises you can do at home that will improve your fundamental photography skills. The best part about this is you will build an instinct so when you are on the field you will be ready to roll.

First Exercise: Learning your limits on what shutter speed to use

This is one of my favorite portrait photography exercises!! By learning your limits on your shutter speed, you will get rid of camera shake for those situations when you have to lower your shutter speed. Your muscle memory is going kick in and help ensure you have your camera steady to capture tack-sharp photos.

The first step is setting up your shutter speed. The common standard is the double the length of whatever lens you are using and start at that shutter speed. So, for example, if you have a 50 mm on your camera you double that to get a sum of 100. Therefore, your shutter speed will be 1/100th of a second.

After you have your shutter speed ready, you will then take a photo of anything inside! And then you will lower your shutter speed by one click and take the same photo again. The fun part is you will keep lowering the shutter speed until you struggle and it becomes slightly difficult to keep a sharp photo. 

Use this shutter speed as the bar you will practice at. So you have two options here: the first option is taking photos at this speed and trying to get it correct at the first shot. 

The other option is to be slightly above your lowest shutter speed and practice there. I would say you want a score at least four of five photos to be at optimal sharpness. This will build muscle memory and you can continue challenging yourself if you like, but either way you will pick up your camera you will have steadier hands than you’ve ever had! 

Also, a quick tip: if you breathe out when you are about to click the shutter button, you relax your parasympathetic nervous system and that will help you keep still.

Exercise number two: Guess the setting for optimal exposure

The next part of the exercises involves putting your default camera settings out of whack, so it’s best to raise them to pretty high. For example, shutter speed can be 1/1000th of a second, Iso can be 1000 and F-stop at least 6 or 7. 

Then you will walk into a room, focus on the subject and act as if you only have one shot to take the photo. This will help you on many levels for you to get a Mindfulness on where your exposure settings should be no matter what situation you walk into. 

If a quick moment is happening and you only have a few seconds to capture the photo, you will can adjust to a decent exposure and get the photo. 

I hope you find this photography-ideas-at-home to be helpful! Thank you for checking out this article, and if you like to see more photography ideas please follow us for photo blogs. You can also follow us on Instagram where we do live Q&A and live behind the scenes. If you want to find more practical exercises, let us know by messaging us, so we can create more useful material for you! 

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