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Why is Portrait Photography important?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Hello friend, I want to explain the purpose of portrait photography and what it means to you. Maybe you heard you are supposed to have portraits done and don't know why, or perhaps you feel like everyone else is doing it. Perhaps you are comtemplating portrait photography price and if you "really" need to hire someone for portraits. Well, you do need portraits! However; that's just my biased opinion being we are photographers in Scottsdale az 😉

Why portrait photography is important inn everyday terms:

I am sure you heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words." What words do you want to convey? This thought can apply to any kind of photography. Senior portrait collections signify personality and character to their family and friends, professional headshots deliver essential messages in less than a second to clients and other professionals.

My personal favorite is creative portraits! Seriously, NOTHING can get me more excited than creative fine art portrait photography! Because the artwork we walk away with can mean so much for our clients!

Also, sometimes portraits are taken to document milestones in life. Having a milestone recorded forever, you can look back and reconnect your roots and tell your story.

The story, yes, a great portrait photographer will be able to tell your story in a portrait! You may want to know how this is done, but that answer all depends on the photographer you choose!

Let's go to the science of portraits. Studies have proven to have wall-art portraiture increases confidence. Imagine the impact of your little one waking up and seeing a canvas of herself! Maybe a new graduate has their senior portraits on canvas on their bedroom wall. Is this giving you fantastic bedroom wall art ideas? Can you imagine how motivated and celebrated they are going to feel passing by that incredible photo.

Imagine as a bedroom wall art idea having her see this canvas of her before heading to dance practice! Can you imagine how this enhances her excitement!!?

One myth I want to bust for those who never got their photo professionally taken is:

You will show up and take pictures posing awkwardly, but that isn't the case at all!

For example, (speaking on Kaleidoscope Photography's behalf) in our portrait session, we start off by setting expectations. To set the mood, we state that all we ask of our clients is to think of our photo session more like we are hanging out for a few hours. We let them know there are absolutely no expectations of them and to allow us to worry about the photos. With this relaxed mindset, we have started laughing and having fun the entire session rather than staying focused on the camera. Setting up the lighting and posing seems to feel natural to them! (On a fun note, in my own head I am doing math calculations for lighting, anticipating reactions during a pose, thinking of the angles and lenses, thinking of what I have so far from our session and what other photos I am going to need for variety, but they have NO idea 😎)

In conclusion, portrait photography means you are getting artwork that you are going to be smitten with. Because the power of photos allows so much to be said all at once, you will be able to visually express who are, looking your best, to anyone you want.

As I said, I am biased toward photography. My personal favorite part of being a professional photographer isn't necessarily about the camera! (Go ahead, re-read it, entirely true! It is about learning about my clients and creating methods that will create not only be an extraordinary experience but also create art that means a lot to them.

Photos that they will be excited to show the world! Not only being excited the same day, or a month later, but decades later, they still get a thrill from the same photo they invested in years ago! (A significant reason why photo-sessions make great gifts! That is why I still love portrait photography despite doing weddings year-round.

Additionally, to put any unsure minds who NEVER had their photos taken, we personally guarantee they will be smitten with their photos we created together. Because more than anything, my goal is to create artwork portraits, my clients will always treasure.

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