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Best Timeline When to Send Your Wedding Invites

A guideline for sending out your wedding invitations for your wedding celebration

Besides letting everyone know the wonderful news, one perk of wedding invitations is that they can inform guests on important wedding matters such as theme, dress code, and the number of guest allowances. 

Sending out wedding invitations can be a fun but arduous task for many couples. Themes, fonts, colors, and deadlines can all make your head spin but holding the final product in your hand (or if you are doing a wedding invitation website, that works too!) will make it all well worth it!

Here is a basic timeline you can use when you start planning your wedding as a guideline for sending out your wedding invitations. This will give you a much better understanding of how many months in advance should everything happen. Your guest will also be very grateful for having a proper amount of time to prepare travel arrangements for your wedding date.

ASAP →  Engagement Party

An engagement party is a brilliant way to celebrate the wonderful news! Usually, an engagement party is a more sudden affair. You will want to send those invitations ASAP especially if you are booking a reservation somewhere and need to have a headcount for space, food, and drinks.

4-6 Months → Save-the-Dates

Are you still deciding if you should send save the dates cards? Although they are not a requirement, still, they are a great way to get your guests excited about your wedding and mark their calendars.

 It is an especially excellent idea if you are having a destination wedding. It also gives out-of-state guests or international guests plenty of time to figure out hotel stays and accommodations for attending your wedding. When sending your rsvp date, it is a good idea to have your wedding website information up including hotel room blocks and transportation.

 While this means you will have to have more details ironed out earlier, your guests will appreciate having things being easier for them and you will have more crossed off your list of things to do for your wedding ceremony!

12 Weeks → International Guests

If inviting international guests or guests that would have to configure in more travel time, it is definitely worth sending out their invitations, or all your invitations earlier. 

6-8 Weeks → Wedding Invitations

Sending out your formal wedding invitations 6-8 weeks before the ceremony allows guests plenty of time to plan and to Rsvp for your special day so you can get a proper headcount. You will want to request that your guests Rsvp a month before the date so you have ample time to make your final arrangements.

1-3 Months Post Wedding Celebration → Thank you Cards

The wedding is over, and the honeymoon has begun! After the celebrations are over, the cake is eaten, and you have honeymooned your hearts out. Thank-you notes should be sent to your guests for their attendance and, if applicable, gifts and contributions made throughout the wedding planning process to show appreciation of the people who made your day even more special. 

A little hack is you can actually write your cards weeks in advance, or months before the wedding once you have everyone’s response cards back ;).

There you have it, you now know a great and proven timeline when to send save the dates and how early should you send wedding invitations. If you still need a photographer, check out how to find a wedding photographer right for you.

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